Why you should listen to metal music?

Why you should listen to metal music?
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The term metal in music is actually a genre of music with many sub genres. A music is considered as metal when it has distorted guitar riffs, heavier bass, different vocal technique and powerful drumming. There are many sub genres that you can opt while listening to metal songs. Heavy metal, thrash metal, progressive metal, groove metal, death metal, melodic death metal and the list goes on for the genre. So, basically when we speak about metal music, it has kind of bad reputation towards the general public who don’t listen it. People seem to be unfair towards it regarding many ways. People give their own opinions towards it or listen to the hoax that they heard from someone else and regard it as bad, unwanted, satanic and blah blah blah. So, what actually this genre of music is? What it teaches us while you listen it? How do those musicians write that kind of lyrics and music are certainly the questions that comes up in our mind when we first start listening metal music?

I am a metal head. I have been listening to metal music since I was in 8th grade. I have now completed my Bachelor’s level education. It has been a long since I first listened to metal music. I am going to share my experience of what I learnt, how I felt, how it is helping me in my daily life, how I make most out of it and other things for the ones who are in dilemma regarding metal music. We should not hate the things that we don’t love or like. If I don’t like anything, what I do is ignore and many people also need to do the same regarding metal music. If I don’t like it, I do not need to go and talk shit about it. Why people do that is I am totally unaware about it and I cannot describe it in brief.

How I implement metal music in my life?

Everything has positivity and will lead us through many circumstances. What I basically love about metal is, whenever I am sad or happy or in different mood, I can select the songs and the band based on my mood and start listening it. At the end of the song, what I can guarantee to myself is I will get positive vibes regarding whatever situation I am in and will be able to overcome that in many possible ways. You might be wondering how could you say that or you’re lying. Well, my answer is, I am not giving you all false hope. For instance, I am heartbroken and sad. What happens is every kind of thoughts comes in my mind regarding the scenario and makes it even worse. I would be totally unconscious regarding thoughts that pops up in my mind continuously which will make me even sad.

In order to minimize the burden, I would definitely start listening metal songs. I am heartbroken therefore I would select the song based on how I am feeling. So, while listening the song, I would be able to know what is happening in the song, what the singer is talking about and then at that time the notes of the music will hit differently like I am not the only one in this world that it is happening only to me, there are others too, who take it differently and are trying to get rid from it in a different way. The most important aspect is how you will perceive and the music that you choose is teaching you what kind of things.

My Personal Recommendation

To all the fellow ones, who are trying to get into metal music, do not listen to any of your friends or anyone I repeat anyone regarding metal music is this and that. Just give it a go, if it pleases you, do listen again and if it doesn’t then don’t. But if it pleases you, welcome to the metal world, fellow metalhead. You will learn as many things while you listen to many different metal bands. You will start to love music that is created on a musical instrument, you will be able to think differently, you will be able to feel the lyrics and knowledge about life given to us by the band,  you will be able to reduce your stress and will not think like bad things are only happening to me, you will be able to let it go, it would make you feel you are the part of metal community, and will also make you to explore more regarding musical things.

The best part for me while listening to metal music personally is, I can shift my mood from worst to the very calm. Thank you, all guys, the ones who left us and the ones who are remaining and still creating music. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this genre of music and helping every person in the world. Thank you metal musicians from the past and the present, without you all guys, it wouldn’t be that easy. Each and everyone of you deserves this credit. Meeting you all guys in person is a dream of every metalheads, hope I will be able to do that someday. Till then stay metal.


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