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Fantasy Premier League Statistics

We are providing something to support FPL Community all over Nepal and help millions of FPL managers and FPL league owners to get more information about their FPL teams and their results.

Enter your FPL Team Id and get all the leagues you are involved in. You can then view the league result and league stats with proper sorting.

Note: Process to find your team id can be known from How To Find Your FPL Team ID

Frequently Asked Questions for FPL

1. Do I need to login to view my FPL statistics using this site?

No, you are not required to login with your FPL email and password to view statistics on our site. All you need to do is enter your team id and click on the search button.

2. Does this site provide reliable and accurate information?

Yes, we provide reliable and accurate information. You can even compare your result displayed here with your authentic FPL site or app to find out the truth.

3. Difference between short data and full data?

Short data has fewer rows and only displays required information of game week whereas full data displays everything about your game week even how many transfers you did.

4. What does red, grey and green color refer to?

If your rank decreases, then red color appears to warn you. If your rank remains constant and does not change then it will notify you with grey color whereas green color defines your increase in rank.

5. Do I need to pay for FPL service?

You do not need to pay. We provided this for free to our users. In fact, even you are not required to pay for blogs and quotes. It costs nothing to use our site. Enjoy!