Which is the best football league in the world ?

Which is the best football league in the world ?
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Football often referred as “Gentleman’s” game is not only a game. It is full of emotions, commitment and passion. It is such a beautiful game but still fans complain and argue about best football league in the world. Football makes us forget about everything during the weekend. For every football fan, weekend refers to watching their favorite team play this beautiful sport. Not only during weekends, if your team plays in Champions League then even Tuesday and Wednesday. Similarly, if your team plays in Europa League then Thursday and Friday. Friendly reminder, there are also cup games that every team plays. So, as a football fan there are plenty of actions to catch.

We have the opportunity to watch our team every time but everyone goes through ups and down. There are good times as a football fan and bad times too. I am referring the good and bad times as the status of the team like how competitive and strong they are. If your team loses week in and week out, it can be regarded as bad times and if your team thrashes every opponent then you can say good times. If your team is going through tough time then it will be heavily criticized and if your team is up against other strong teams and they are winning then they will be appreciated. That’s the nature of a football fans. Fans are also interested to judge and say things like which league is more superior, followed by many fans, dominant football and the league that has stronger teams.

It will be unfair to say directly and pinpoint this league is superior because my team plays in this league. It is the basic common answer of many football fans which in general is very biased. So, in order to find out which league is superior, we have to go through every single stat of the league. It is determined by many things including most view, players, managers, goals per game, which country team is winning Champions League or Europa, point differentials and so on. As of 2021, I am going to show you the stats and tell you about my decision. I don’t know whether you guys will support it or not but it is based on stats so you can’t say it is biased. Stats don’t lie and so does math.

Best League according to Stats

The most viewed league in the world is Premier League since a long time and we cannot have debate about it. La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria and other leagues sit behind Premier League in term of viewers. Taking about players, big name players always drive the major attractions to whichever league they go. The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United gained even more followers for Premier League and Manchester United. Players like Son Heung-min from Korea and Mohammed Salah from Egypt also drags the whole country population to view Premier League. The other important factor is also managers. Managers who have won many trophies are regarded as very good. So, currently Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel, Antonio Conte, Marcelo Bielsa and Rafa Benitez are the managers known worldwide also manages a team for Premier League.

Don’t say I am biased, we don’t have 3-4 managers who has won major trophies managing in La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria and League One. We don’t have other star players of their nation like Salah and Son who drags every population of the country to watch their game. Obviously in other leagues too, there are players who drags their entire population to watch their game but they aren’t as famous like Salah and Son who has fans worldwide. The other main factor is which country is winning the major continental trophies. As of 2021, last year 2020 Champions League finalists were Manchester City and Chelsea, both a PL club. Speaking about Europa League, it is a League dominated by Sevilla, a La Liga team and last year finalists were Manchester United from PL and Sevilla from La Liga.

Premier League

Premier League clubs are performing very good rather than another league club as of right now. There won’t be same consistent winner in Premier League every year. It is not dominated by single club like we see in other leagues. We can even see top teams getting defeated by lower bottom team. We cannot predict anything in Premier League. Anything can happen at any time. If we speak about 4-5 years ago, Champions League was dominated by Real Madrid, they won consecutively three times. If we go back in the past and say which league was best, we can say La Liga because CL was completely dominated by La Liga team. Players like Messi and Ronaldo also dragged the whole fans of the world to La Liga. Since now both of them plays for another league, La Liga has lost their worldwide followers and we can see that impact by looking at the stats. So, don’t say I am biased but the fact is Premier League can be regarded as the best football league in the world in this very moment.




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