Which is the best football league in the world ?

Which is the best football league in the world ?
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Football often referred to as a “Gentleman’s” game is not only a game.

It is full of emotions, commitment, and passion.

Even though it is such a beautiful game, people still criticize and dispute the world's finest football league.

Football makes us forget about everything during the weekend.

Every football fan's weekend consists of watching their favorite team compete in this beautiful sport.

Not only on weekends, but also on Tuesdays and Wednesdays if your team is in the Champions League.

Similarly, if your side is in the Europa League, Thursday and Friday are the days to watch.

A friendly reminder that every team participates in cup games. As a football fan, there are plenty of actions to catch.


We have the opportunity to watch our team every time, yet everyone has ups and downs.

As a football fan, there are both happy and terrible moments.

I'm talking about the team's current state, such as how competitive and strong they are, as well as the good and bad periods.

If your team loses week after week, you may call it "poor times," but if your team thrashes every opponent, you can call it "happy times."

If your team is going through a difficult period, it will be highly criticized; yet, if your team is winning against other dominant teams, it will be praised.

That's just the way football fans are.

Fans also want to assess and say things like which league is superior, which league has the most fans, which league has the most dominant football, and which league has the strongest teams.

Because my team competes in this league, it would be unfair to state categorically that this league is superior.

It is a frequent response given by many football fans, and it is generally biased.

So, in order to determine which league is best, we must examine each league's stats individually.

Many factors influence it, including the majority of views, players, managers, goals per game, whose country team is winning the Champions League or Europa League, point differentials, and so forth.

I'm going to show you the statistics and tell you about my decision starting in 2021.

I'm not sure if you'll like it or not, but it's based on statistics, so you can't argue it's biased.

Stats don’t lie and neither does math.

Best League according to Stats

top 5 european football leagues

For a long time, the Premier League has been the most-watched league in the world, and we cannot argue with that.

In terms of viewership, La LigaBundesliga, Seria, Ligue 1 and other leagues sit behind the Premier League.

When it comes to players, big-name stars are always the biggest attraction in whichever league they join.

Cristiano Ronaldo's signing to Manchester United drew even more attention to the Premier League and Manchester United.

Players like Korea's Son Heung-min and Egypt's Mohammed Salah draw the whole country's population to watch the Premier League.

Managers are another crucial component. Managers that have won several titles are thought to be exceptional.

Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel, Antonio Conte, Marcelo Bielsa, and Rafa Benitez are the most well-known managers in the Premier League right now.

Don't tell me I'm biased; we don't have three or four managers who have won big trophies in La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A, or League One.

We don't have any other national stars like Salah and Son, who draw the entire country's attention to their games.

Obviously, there are players in other leagues that draw their whole population to watch their game, but they aren't as well-known as Salah and Son, who have fans all over the world.

The winning of big continental trophies is another important aspect.

Manchester City and Chelsea, both Premier League teams, were the past year's 2020 Champions League finalists as of 2021.

The Europa League is dominated by Sevilla, a La Liga club, and last year's finals were Manchester United of the Premier League and Sevilla of La Liga.

Premier League

Premier League

As of the present context, Premier League teams are outperforming all other league clubs.

Every year, the Premier League will not have the same winner.

Unlike other leagues, it is not dominated by a single team.

We can even see elite clubs losing to bottom teams.

In the Premier League, we can't foresee anything. At any moment, anything may happen.

If we go back 4-5 years, Real Madrid dominated the Champions League, winning three times in a row.

If we go back in time and ask which league was the best, we may reply with La Liga since the La Liga club dominated the CL.

Messi and Ronaldo, for example, drew the attention of the whole globe to La Liga.

Both of them now play for a different league, and La Liga has lost its global following, as seen by the statistics.

So, don't accuse me of being biased, but the Premier League is now recognized as the finest football league in the world.

Champions League

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