Technology and Pandemic, what a combination !

Technology and Pandemic, what a combination !
Posted At: November 18, 2021 10:20 AMViews: 256Category: Health and Fitness

We proudly say every time that we are from 21st century who has witnessed major technical advancement in every field as possible. It is true and yes from using internet for the first time to digital wallet, we all grew up. From telephone to mobile phone to smart phones, we know how it made our life easier and convenient. We have felt the advancement of technology in this era in a short period of time as compared to other generations.

We can call ourselves lucky to be present in this era of science and technology. People are living happily and enjoying their lives using advanced gadgets and digital environment. Technology has impacted in such a way that it has improved the quality of life in every way possible. This century was not only about science and technology, we also witnessed the global pandemic like the world has never seen such thing before. The year 2020 will be written in the history books as the “Covid Year” which traumatized every single person living in this planet.

Uncertain Pandemic

We faced the global pandemic out of nowhere. Covid outbreak started from Wuhan, the state of China. It began to spread in such a way that in a very short period of time, it affected the whole world. Life became painful after that. Many of us watched our loved ones die in such a painful way that they couldn’t breathe, they suffocated and died. Covid felt like the curse of something, it was such an evil. People were not able to do anything beside to sit, watch and be safe yourself and their families.

The only possible solution for the covid was the lockdown. It made even worst for the poor ones. The ones who work day and night for their food and their families were impacted badly by the lockdown. They suffered from hunger; they couldn’t feed their children who were crying for food. They could not deliver food as there was no work to go and do outside to earn money. I heard people talking about this lockdown affected my business so bad that I have to take loan to pay rent or to pay the bank. Yes, it impacted them financially, but they were able to eat and feed their families. They did not think about the ones who works for them.

Future Considerations

We should learn from everything that we deal or face in our life. This virus like covid may even show up in the future, we should be ready for it. There was a Spanish flu in the 19th century, it impacted more than covid did and many people died. There wasn’t any advanced technology at that time, yet people were able to fight and survive it. We were able to witness corona virus, it has taught many things. In case if there will be global pandemic in the future, we should be ready to face it. It should impact everyone equally. The poor ones should not have to suffer for everything including the basic necessities like food, shelter and medicine during virus outbreak. Proper law should be implemented throughout the world, so that in case of pandemic, business should not suffer in such a way that the owner will not fall in debt.

If we are able to do this and have solution for everything that covid affected, then we can call ourselves smart like we call our phones and cars. It told that we would be smart because the phones and gadgets made by the humans can solve many complex problems and ease our life. Yet, we failed to think about issues related to health and pandemic solutions which we have seen in our past during ancestor’s time. We were busy making our life comfort but we forget our main aspect health. We were not prepared for it and we did not implement any solutions for it, despite knowing about virus outbreak in the past. So, how can we call ourselves smart if we lack any means which is most important for us to survive?


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