Advertised products and their truth

Advertised products and their truth
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Business and Advertisement are related with each other. Businesses advertise products to increase sales and to make people aware of their new product. There is a trend of making product categorized as new in some way during advertisement.

There are various reasons for applying this strategy. One of them is presenting something different than the existing ones makes people try newer products to find out whether it will be worthy or not.

For example, coca cola presented its new variant Coca-Cola Zero with a slogan "New Coke" in order to emphasize that the product is different compared to the original ones. 

There are also various ways of presenting something new during advertising. For example, advertisers may show some competitors' products and compare theirs with them by publicizing that they have better specifications than other products.

Research on new product advertisement 

Businesses usually apply strategies in order to increase their sales and gain new consumers. Since the first article was published on this subject, researchers do not "see a clear relationship between publicity and ads" (Davison, 1983).

The author of the article claims that even though businesses emphasize that their products are new in some way during advertising, there is no proof that such strategy works.

Although empirical studies are based on real customers of the particular companies and certain products, results of experiments should have been more clearly observed.

In the article, the author tries to understand the issue of whether or not businesses emphasize products being new in advertising by using a case study.

Nusbaum and Wilson (1984) suggests that "the strategy of emphasizing newness has no significant positive impact on product sales."

Nusbaum and Wilson (1984) also claims that advertising is an important method for companies to communicate with customers. According to Nusbaum and Wilson (1984), companies use special media such as television or radio in order to get more customers.

The results of the experiments conducted by Davis, Friedman and Leibowitz (1985) are conflicting. The result of their experiment shows that "on the one hand, advertising emphasizing newness is not harmful to sales."

On the other hand, Davis, Friedman and Leibowitz (1985) claim that "over time advertising emphasizing newness had a negative impact on sales".

Example of new product advertisement

Well, I have seen a recent example in my country about business emphasizing that the product was new in some way during advertisement and it gained more consumers.

Releasing a new product is always about competing with the existing ones. This example is related with a hair shampoo.

It’s a shampoo made completely with natural ingredients and it excludes chemicals in it. During the product advertisement, we can hear a model saying “Say yes to natural and no to chemical”.

This line made people to try the product as it was something they were not used to hearing because every other past shampoo ingredient used to contain chemicals.

After using it, they found that it was worthy and they began to use that product as it solved their problems. 

What we can learn from advertisement?

From this very example, we can learn that advertising as something new really helps to gain more customers as people want to try newer products.

If the advertisement is really catchy and people try the product for the first time then what matters is whether the product will be able to deliver what was in the advertisement.

If it delivers what being said then people will opt for that product, if not they won’t and they might wonder in future towards newer products thinking whether it’s a scam or not. 

So, at the end, we customers should not try new products at first time. It may be businesses strategy to increase their sales and it may not provide the solution we were after.

Instead, we should check the review from other users and see whether they recommend or not. We may waste our money for the sake of trying.



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