How far can technology take us?

How far can technology take us?
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Centuries ago, we were killing whales to light our houses, cutting down an entire forest to manufacture paper for writing letters, and dispatching men on horseback to deliver those letters.

There is a great development that can be done if someone applies themself and their resources.

Profit is a powerful motivator.

Someone will invent it if it is profitable.

Our drive and imagination are the only actual limits.

Technology will continue to develop and will always be available because it is in our tendency to be better.

Every company and individual in today's competitive environment desires to be the next great thing.

Improvement and Development align with the concept of technology.

It all comes down to people's attitudes toward and abuse of technology.

We have the option of physically reaching the sky or being the only ones who view it.


How far can technology take us?

When it comes to representing, at least to us now, a major frontier of human creativity, I believe the phrase "technology" is intriguing.

During the many stages of human evolution, technology is frequently employed to determine age.

We frequently refer to a different age when the degree of technology advances too quickly in human history.

We are "breaking the scale we use to measure years" when we examine how quickly every branch of human knowledge is developing now.

At this time in human history, we're not simply inventing new things quicker.

We've reached a stage of creative and innovative development where the "curve of emerging technology" is beginning to seem vertical.

We're at a loss for words to explain the scenario.

Before our technology can go beyond what our pop-culture science fiction has predicted, I believe we need to embrace a more inclusive social compact in society as a whole.

To be honest, I believe that "technology" has the potential to take us "all the way" beyond being human, but that sort of technology will necessitate numerous revolutions in our social contracts with one another.


Limitations of Technology

We're focusing much too much energy on security and conflict, when that energy might have been better spent on more constructive pursuits a generation ago, resolving any grounds for international problems.

The only thing holding us back at this moment in our evolution, with the new technology curve seeming vertical, is our species' maturity.

In any given period of time, technology may progress in a variety of ways, to a variety of extremes.

We need some type of educational system to create a feeling of global community because there are so many different kinds of individuals on this planet, and they have so little self-control when it comes to their personal interests.

Otherwise, as has occurred many times before, technology will overwhelm us.

Regrettably, we do not learn from our mistakes, and this is one of the most essential previous lessons.

With modern technology, we are at risk of killing our world, just as the Easter Islanders were on the verge of destroying their island.

That is how far technology has progressed in the past and how far it has the potential to progress in the future.

Bishal Khadka

Author : Bishal Khadka