Do you think sugary products should be made more expensive?

Do you think sugary products should be made more expensive?
Posted At: February 1, 2022 6:47 AMViews: 213Category: Health and Fitness

I strongly disagree to the fact that sugary products should be made more expensive to encourage people to consume less sugar. Sugar causes many health problems but hiking its price up won’t solve the issue of people consuming it. When people are addicted to it, they will make it available in any case regardless of doing anything.

The amount of sugar intake increases from our childhood as children wants chocolate, ice-cream and other stuffs that has lots of sugar in it. When we grow up, we will have tea and coffee which adds the sugar intake in our body. We are given foods with high amount of sugar since we were kids and increasing the price right now won’t stop our desire to eat the ice-cream. We can also see other examples like government making tobacco and alcohol products prices high. But it has not stopped people from buying it. So, why should we try the same option that we did for different products, knowing its output before implementing it. Instead of making expensive, we should implement different strategies to encourage people to consume less sugar. 

Solutions of the problem

Our problem starts since our childhood with sugar. Children should be given foods with low amount of sugar. Staying them away from ice-cream and chocolate will be another good option. They should be taught since small age that too much of sugar intake is not good for our health. Another issue, we have is drinking tea and coffee with sugar. So, cutting down sugar while drinking tea and coffee will be another good strategy. People should be taught, motivated and briefly explanation should be given to them in each city, town and village of the country highlighting the effects of sugar. Convincing them to stop taking high amount of sugar will also result people to consume less amount of sugar. Last but not least, government should implement a policy that every food should only have the amount of sugar needed for body not more than that. Banning food companies who produce products with high amount of sugar will cause panic among food manufacturers which on the other hand, will reduce amount of sugar automatically in their products. 



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