Do you agree nobody will buy printed newspapers or books in the future?

Do you agree nobody will buy printed newspapers or books in the future?
Posted At: February 2, 2022 1:52 PMViews: 239Category: Sports

In this era of technology, we are more into social media, blogs and websites rather than newspapers or books. We only find few people opting for newspaper in the morning. The advancement of digital world has played a drastic role in changing our habits.

If we follow the trend that is happening right now, then obviously in the coming future nobody will buy printed newspapers or books. It will be a no brainer to buy it because it can be achieved easily online without even paying for it. In my opinion, everybody will do that and save their money. According to the statistics presented by national newspaper, only 30-40% of newspapers are sold as compared to 10 years ago right now. The ratio is already declining at the present state. People usually find everything online and in social media which has impacted the sales of the newspaper. 

The case is same for books too. Many schools and colleges have already followed the trend by providing education materials in their own college website. For example, when I started my Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology (BIT), we were told not to buy books because our course structure and syllabus will be provided by the college itself in the form of slides and presentations. I completed my college without any course book. It may sound different for some people. Another major factor could also be due to deforestation. Papers are made up of trees. In the coming days, there may be a chance of lack of trees to make newspapers and books available worldwide due to deforestation. It may be another tempting reason to make books and newspapers available online to save our beautiful nature and trees.

In this way, I strongly agree with the statement that nobody will buy printed newspapers and books because they will be able to read anything online. Money also plays a vital role for this decision as everyone loves to save money instead of paying it for items that are found free. 



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