Why use of mobile data is predicted to increase by 3 times?

Why use of mobile data is predicted to increase by 3 times?
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In 2021, the number of new mobile internet users was 4.32 billion, suggesting that more than 90 percent of the global internet population uses a mobile device to access the internet.

Internet users and Smartphone owners are expected to grow in the future as mobile technology has become widely available and more affordable.

It won’t be surprising, if people will prefer mobile data over wifi in the future. 

The reason for this will obviously be telecoms providing a good service to their customer’s as compared to Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Cell phone data traffic accounts for almost 55% of global web traffic, with mobile connections accounting for an even higher share of webpage views in continents such as Africa and Asia.

Reason for mobile data gaining momentum

mobile data momentum
mobile data momentum

In today’s world, we ourselves know that our internet at home doesn’t work time to time as we expect.

We sometimes have become fed of it when we were unable to send some important file to colleague or even when we were not able to attend zoom meetings. 

Wireless cellular connection on the other hand, has became very handy for possibly everyone, who are utilizing it for various purposes like using various social media platforms, research work, chatting with friends, video calling, playing online games as well as being able to surf internet in the remote places of the world.

Wireless network bandwidth quality is not provided to the user as stated in the package that we opt while paying our charge for the internet service. 

They have been consistently doing this and no one has taken any major actions among them.

They have not been able to deliver the high-quality internet that they thought they could. 

Cost and Quality


Mobile data prices are low in various parts of the world.

The price of data package has been made very affordable and if we compare past and present amount, current one is satisfying in different places of this world. 

WIFI prices are extremely opposite.

It has been rising every time with multiple packages option without any improvement in the bandwidth quality.

I sometimes do really think that service providers do not care about users at all as they will promise but not deliver the quality we want regardless of our complaints. 

Mobile network operators are gaining advantage over ISP because of its cost and quality.

A fine momentum is going upwards towards attracting people but they also should be well prepared about technical difficulties of having mass users that they may face sooner or later. 


In the Asia, the expansion of the mobile industries in China and India has increased the number of mobile internet users to more than one billion and 572 million, respectively, by 2021.

One of the really challenging things for mobile operators is to design mobile backhaul networks to meet increasing traffic demand while avoiding becoming a bottleneck for mobile services and preventing end-user dissatisfaction due to high response time and unreliable performance.

For ISP there are various problems to be dealt with if they really want to compete with mobile network operators, starting from the quality of internet as well as their service to the users.

ISP need to bounce back with something new that could attract customers else they would lose their existing customers as well rather than making the new ones.

Bright Future

bright future

The growth of mobile is continuing to change internet consumption patterns and frequencies all around the world.

Global users spent more than half of their online time exploring the web from their mobile phones during the third quarter of 2021, collecting an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes of daily engagement.

Users in isolated regions have benefited the most from the increased availability of mobile internet connectivity, which has aided in the democratization of technology access, at least in part.

As the use of mobile data will grow much more in coming days. We all should utilize its benefit how much we can. 

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