Is suddenly quitting alcohol dangerous?

Is suddenly quitting alcohol dangerous?
Posted At: December 3, 2021 8:54 AMViews: 164Category: Health and Fitness

Quitting alcohol suddenly is more dangerous than drinking regularly. Alcohol is sedative, it slows down the functioning of our central nervous system. Depending upon its chronic use, our body gets used to it and is able to adapt its presence. Alcohol suppresses neurotransmitters of our brain which makes people experience feelings of happiness and relaxation. But when we suddenly stop drinking alcohol, our nervous system starts to readjust the lack of alcohol which makes our body overactive.


Before our body starts to adapt without the presence of alcohol, it disturbs the balance of our body. This state is known as hyper sympathetic state which increases our body temperature, heart rate, fatigue, nausea and severe agitation. The effect of alcohol withdrawal is known as Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS). Its symptoms include headache, shaking, anxiety, tachycardia and high blood pressure. AWS is common among the people who drink alcohol heavily and for those who has alcohol addiction for more than ten years. AWS serious symptoms lead to metabolic issues, physical trauma because of seizures, arrhythmias and can also result to sudden death due to heart attack.

If anyone you know is addicted to alcohol, the easiest way to stop drinking habit will be under the care of a health professional. People who drink heavily and those who has long term alcohol abuse must seek medical attention. Health professionals can provide support, monitor health and give proper medicine. People who are seeking sobriety for longer terms, withdrawals are just the beginning. The most important next step is getting medication and counseling to overcome the underlying condition.

If you love your life and family, please quit alcohol.


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