How to play Fantasy Premier League (FPL) for beginners?

How to play Fantasy Premier League (FPL) for beginners?
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What is Fantasy Premier League (FPL)?

Fantasy Premier League is a game where users control their fantasy squad by being the team manager. 

Each week, points are awarded depending on the performance of actual football players. 

You choose a fictional Premier League football side, and you gain points when your team's real-life players succeed. 

The objective of the game is to accumulate the most points at the end of the season. 

How to play FPL?

Users must register their account on the Fantasy Premier League website before they can play FPL for the first time. 

You need to register your account by entering your personal details along with your genuine email address and password. 

After creating your account, you will be requested to input the name of your team before creating a squad of 15 players with the 100 million pounds that are given to you.

These players score points for your team depending on their contributions to their clubs during Premier League matches. 

You are only allowed to spend £100.0m on your 15-man team, and player prices are determined by the estimated amount of FPL points they will produce.

How to pick a squad in FPL?

A squad in an FPL consists of 3 forwards, 5 midfielders, 5 defenders, and 2 goalkeepers. 

You can only select a maximum of 3 players from a Premier League team. 

It takes a lot of balance to build an FPL team. 

You won't be able to start with 11 high-priced superstars because players will need to be on the bench. 

Along with picking the correct premium players at the appropriate moment, finding affordable players that deliver value is essential to building a winning FPL squad.

You can switch players as many times as you like up until the first game week. 

After that, you can only add players to your team via one free transfer provided every game week.

Use the "auto-pick" feature to have the team built for you if you're pressed for time or need some help.

Keep in mind that the deadline is always 90 minutes before the start of every match.

Remember each manager may enter just one team for the sake of fair play.

How points are awarded in FPL?

Players receive points in FPL on the basis of goals, assists, saves, and clean sheets.

Basis Forward Points Midfielder Points Defender and Goalkeeper Points
Goal 4 5 6
Assist 3 3 3

1 for playing

2 for playing 60 minutes

1 for playing

2 for playing 60 minutes

1 for playing

2 for playing 60 minutes

Clean sheets 0 1 4

In addition to this, a goalie earns 1 point for every three shots saved and 5 points when a penalty is saved. 

If a player ranks among the best performers in a game's Bonus Points System (BPS), they can additionally receive additional bonus points. 

For instance, if two players in a match are tied for second place with 28 BPS and the top player in the match receives 30 BPS, the top player would receive 3 bonus points and the other two will each receive 2 bonus points.

There would be no additional point awarded in that case.

In their starting XI, managers must select a captain and a vice-captain for the game week.

A captain's score is doubled, but the vice-score captain is doubled in the event that the chosen skipper does not participate in the game week.

You won't receive a double point if none of them participate. 

Each week, you'll pick 11 starters and 4 players for the bench. If any member of your starting XI doesn't play at all, a bench player will step in as a substitute.

If two or three starting players don't show up for their teams, the same thing happens.

You get to decide the order of the substitute players therefore you have to arrange your players wisely.

In addition to earning points, players can also lose points based on their actions throughout the game, such as:

Actions Points
Yellow card -1
Every 2 goals conceded by goalkeeper and defender -1
Penalty misses -2
Own goal -2
A red card -3


It's important to note that even if your captain receives a point deduction for one of these acts, the point total will still be doubled like -2 will become -4.

Transfer rule in FPL

You may purchase and sell players in the transfer market after choosing your team.

Managers are permitted one free transfer every game week following the first deadline of the season.

Apart from the free transfer, additional transfers made by managers throughout a game week will cost them four points a transfer.

In the event that managers do not utilize their free transfer, they may carry it over and receive two further free transfers for the next game week.

They are unable to accrue more than two free transfers, though.

Leagues in FPL

There are two types of leagues in FPL and they are private and public leagues.

A private league can be created by you/yourself as well as by any members who join the FPL.

Private leagues are made for private purposes so that you can play with whom you want.

Competing against a familiar opponent is more enjoyable!

You may compete against your buddies in private leagues by simply forming a league, then inviting your friends to join by sending them the code.

You can join up to 25 private leagues whereas there are no limitations on the number of players in a league.

Private leagues are also known as mini-leagues. 

You are automatically registered in some leagues, such as the league for the country where you currently reside and the global league.

These leagues are known as public leagues

In such leagues, every FPL player is accumulated in a single league.

Managers can also participate in a public league with 20 randomly selected players.

Five public league entries are the maximum allowed in FPL.

Chips in FPL

chips in fpl

There are four kinds of chips available to you in FPL.

A team's points total in a game week can be increased by playing one of the 4 available chips during the season.

Those four types of chips are a wildcard, triple captain, bench boost, and free hit. 

Wildcard: You can rebuild your team entirely without losing points (twice a season) using this chip.

Triple Captain: Your captain's point total will be multiplied by three using this triple captain chip.

Bench Boost: You can earn points from your bench players using this feature. You will be able to gain points for every 15 players on your squad.

Free Hit: This chip allows you to reset your team for free, but just for a week before it reverts back to the previous team.

The most valuable chip is the Wildcard, which gives managers unlimited free transfers throughout a game week.

In essence, this offers the chance to completely modify a team of 15 players.

For each half of the season, there is one Wildcard available.


It's important to remember that each game week only permits the play of one chip.

Player prices in FPL

Throughout the season, player prices vary based on how well-liked they are among all of the game's managers.

A player who starts at £6.0 million and is transferred into a lot of clubs, for instance, may progressively increase to £6.5 million, or even more.

Owners of the player whose price is rising will profit if they sell the player for a larger sum.

However, they are required to pay a 50% sell-on charge that is rounded down to the closest to £0.1 million.

Managers would earn £6.2 million when selling the player in the aforementioned scenario, whose price has increased from £6.0 million to £6.5 million.

Note from Blogs Smart

The simplicity of the gameplay is another reason why FPL is so well-liked and played all over the world.

But it's a challenge just to place in the top 1000, 10,000, or even 100,000.

There are a ton of fantasy fans out there that spend countless hours studying the players, team's oppositions, and many other factors.

Even though the game is straightforward to play, you'll soon discover how challenging it is to rank higher once the season is complete.

Thank you for reading! We hope you will have a successful start to your FPL career.

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