Experimental thoughts turning into addiction among youngsters in Nepal.

Experimental thoughts turning into addiction among youngsters in Nepal.
Posted At: December 3, 2021 9:47 AMViews: 95Category: Health and Fitness

Due to the western influence among youngsters in this developing country, there is a trend of following everything done by westerners. Youths tends to follow these cultures by looking at their favorite musicians, celebrities or anyone that they like and follow. Western culture has influenced youths so much that they are addicted towards this and they want to turn this trend into lifestyle.

Among these trends, the most common and quite popular gaining momentum nowadays is being experimental. Experimental culture is all about experimenting different things in our life such as drugs, tattoos, piercings, fashion and those which fulfills their fantasy. As in today’s world, drinking and smoking are very common. Youth does not consider trying these things as being experimental. They regard drugs as a cool thing to give a try. They regard doing drugs as a once in a lifetime experiment. But sadly, it does not end the way they think.

Major Problem

This experimental trend results youths to try different types of drugs in their life. When experimental thoughts turn into addiction, then there rises the problem.  After experimenting various kind of drugs, they ultimately get addicted to it. When they are addicted, the body demands for more supplies and the capacity determines how much they can afford it. After a while, when they are not able to get the stuff that they want, they may also end up getting involved in criminal activities. Craving for drugs directs them to perform various illegal activities.

If our youths get involved in such kind of activities then it directly hampers the community and our country. It not only affects the present generation; it will also have negative impact for upcoming generations. Its now or never to take strict steps regarding drugs or else the future of the country will be devasted. 


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