Experience vs Knowledge, which is more important for better career?

Experience vs Knowledge, which is more important for better career?
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Knowledge is the distributed information or data we have in our heads that is based on theory, but experience is the systematic information or data that is linked to each other and is based on both theory and practice.

Experience comes from a variety of sources, the most common of which is working on something and understanding how it works as well as easier ways to make it function.

It's beneficial to have people around who have specific experience with the stuff you're seeking for because they can probably assist you in achieving what you want to accomplish.

Knowledge can either shorten the time it takes to gain experience or point you in the proper direction if you make the same mistakes over and over.

The reason for this is that knowledge has already been gained and is being kept for the benefit of others who wish to study and improve on it.

There is a significant distinction between knowledge and experience. You feel your own experience, however knowledge is a treasure from which you can benefit from others' experiences. As a result, the span of knowledge far exceeds the scope of experience.

Experience vs Knowledge

But, like a diamond that hasn't been sharpened, knowledge without experience is just another stone.

In my opinion, experience is important as compared to knowledge. We can understand the theory behind the principles with experience.

While it is necessary to study concepts from books, you will not be able to use such concepts in real life unless you grasp how they are applied.

It's a lot different to read about a war than it is to participate in one. Experience puts you in the thick of things and allows you to put what you've learned into practice.

There's just so much a book can teach you. Essential abilities cannot be learnt effectively without the application of principles in real-life situations.

Experience in real life compared to Knowledge

Similarly, we can become an expert in our industry with experience. Expert musicians, sportsmen, scientists, and doctors did not develop their skills by reading books.

Reading books offers the knowledge, but it was their experience that helped them. Because they practiced their art over and over again.

They developed their own expertise. Experts do not emerge from the pages of a textbook. Experts are self-made because they have put in the time, effort, and practice to acquire their position.

It is their experience that distinguishes them from the rest of the pack. Practice and experience are necessary if you want to be an expert in your profession. 


To conclude, we can say that experience is most important in our career.

We can learn from our mistakes if we have enough experience. In any sector, we will grow the most when we have the confidence to attempt new things and stop being afraid of making mistakes.

The more we practice the abilities we've learnt, the more we fine-tune them until they've become second nature.

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Author : Sajjan Wagle