Drug dependence vs addiction

Drug dependence vs addiction
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People use both the terms “dependence” and “addiction” mutually. They are unaware about the fact that drug dependence cannot be regarded as drug addiction. They have separate meaning for people who struggle with drug use. Drug dependence usually occurs when drugs are needed to function and carry out our daily routine whereas addiction can happen without being dependent on drugs. It is possible to have one without the other. For instance, one can be addicted to a drug without having physical dependent on it.

Drug Dependence

Drug dependence is a condition being physically dependent on any kind of substance. We usually feel like drugs play an integral part in our daily life. It tends to increase gradually day after day. Dependence on drugs will harm physically, mentally and spiritually. The effect of drug dependence drags many problems like economical, social and psychological into the abuser’s life. It cannot be cured but it can be controlled. Its effective treatment includes wide range of multidisciplinary approaches including education, health, community, family and social welfare. It should all be incorporated together for better output.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a health condition where people have hefty craving towards certain substances. Craving usually occurs due to the physical changes in our brain resulted by the frequent use of drugs. It can also be classified as a disease which is rooted inside the addict’s brain.  It is a process of use, abuse and misuse of drugs. The trained staffs at drug rehabilitation centers can help to control addiction through different kinds of therapies designed to help against cravings and can also aid in reversing the negative effects of drugs on our brain. Treatment for mental health condition is also necessary which are linked to bipolar disorder and addiction.


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