How to find FPL Team ID?

How to find FPL Team ID?
Posted At: January 18, 2022 4:34 PMViews: 307Category: Sports

What is team id?

Team id in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is one of the unique id which is given individually to participants during registration.

It can be used to identify your FPL team by someone else.

If you have your team id, you can visit sites like Smart Blogs to find out your FPL statistics.

Does FPL team id change?

Team id changes every year. 

It means that if you register earlier during the start of the season.

You will be able to get team id with smaller value in terms of number or digit. 

How to find team id?

The only way to find team id is by logging into the FPL site using any web browser.

You cannot find your team id by logging in with the Premier League app.

This is also another issue, I hope will be solved by FPL in the future. 

Steps to find out FPL team id.

  • Go to  and input your email and password.
  • After this process, you will be logged into the FPL site.
  • The first page displayed to you after successful login is status page.
  • Beside status there is points button, click on that.


  • After that you will be directed into the points page where you will be able to find your team id. 
  • Your team id is displayed in the link. You can have a look at your browser where you input your link.
  • You can see your website's url changed. The url looks like where the number between entry/ and /event is your team id.
  • The team id is shown below with the black circle.

fpl team id

Is there another way of finding team id?

Yes, of course, there is another step to find out team id.

The other step to get your FPL team id is by clicking on the link titled "View Gameweek History".

Once you click on the link, you are redirected to a new page showing you your Gameweek history.

The url reads as: where "123456" is your FPL Team Id.

Note: You can get your team id from website only, not the official APP!