How the advantages of driverless vehicles outweigh its disadvantages?

How the advantages of driverless vehicles outweigh its disadvantages?
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In this era of technology, automation has evolved and the use of advanced technology like AI and robots is widely in use.

We see automated vehicles gaining more popularity nowadays due to their features and safety.

People who can’t accept automation and its use in the coming days will impact themselves.

They won’t be able to utilize it to make their life easier and more convenient. 

People usually have trust issues with self-driving cars.

The media has rooted us all in a way that it only shows bad incidents related to smart vehicles.

Therefore, people are afraid to use this technology.


Other than this reason, there are no other reasons why people go against automated vehicles.

The main cause of road accidents is due to human errors.

So, if we drive and use vehicles that can drive on their own, it will automatically result in a decrease in road accidents.

In my opinion, the reason we prefer smart vehicles should be due to their usability, efficiency, and reliability

Advantages of driverless vehicles

Driverless vehicles will obey every regulation and set speed limits, making the roads safer for everyone.

Human drivers frequently disobey the law and take risks when operating their vehicles.

Sensory technology may be able to sense the world more accurately than humans since it can see farther in the distance, see better in low light conditions, and pick up on tiny, more subtle barriers.

The usability of a vehicle refers to how we will be able to use it and utilize its benefits.

If we use smart vehicles, we can do other kinds of stuff while traveling like reading books and watching anything we like or we can also opt to take a rest and watch the vehicle drive itself.

reading a book in self driving car

We can save our time and do multitask in smart vehicles instead of sitting in a seat and driving normal vehicles without any other options to do while driving.

The other feature of reliability is also provided by self-driven vehicles.

Disabled people can travel alone in a vehicle.

They would be able to do things on their own by themselves because these vehicles are so reliable to carry out their task. 

Additionally, several cameras may be active at once, and because they don't have blind spots, they will be more watchful and observant than a human driver ever could be.

A reduced negative environmental effect would result from vehicles that are more efficient since they produce fewer emissions and pollution.

There may be a future when parking is fully automated, eliminating the need to search for places.

Example of automation gaining momentum


We can take the example of Tesla, a self-driving car company owned by Elon Musk.

When Tesla was manufacturing automated cars, no one really believed that the project would be possible in the future.

Everyone thought that it was insane and people would not trust automation.

There was much disbelief among people regarding the car company.

Instead of giving up due to these kinds of comments by the people, Elon never gave up.

He continued his work and was able to change our perception of driverless vehicles.

During the development stage, Tesla was on the brink of bankruptcy but still, he continued his work.

Today, Tesla is a multi-billion company.

Everybody opted for Tesla instead of other vehicles because it was electric, eco-friendly as well as it provides features other cars could never imagine.

Tesla has changed the general public view toward self-driving cars.

People are loving it and regard it as safe as compared to other vehicles. 


In this way, there are many benefits of using smart vehicles.

We should trust automation and have faith in it because it will certainly improve our quality of life.

We all should be smart by utilizing smart vehicles in our life rather than being ignorant of them.

Everything aside, autonomous cars will be an important change in our lives in the future since they provide everyone more convenient living circumstances.

As a result, advantages outweigh disadvantages, and I believe it to be a wise plan for the future if people embrace automation.

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