FPL service by Blogs Smart

FPL service by Blogs Smart
Posted At: January 18, 2022 4:08 PMViews: 105Category: Sports

Fantasy Premier League (FPL), is one of the most popular and widely played football manager games in the whole world.

Almost 8 millions players are involved in this game.

Also there are many private and public leagues played all over the world.

We "Blogs Smart " have come up with the solution for such league owners and players too.

On our website, FPL players can view statistics of every league they are playing in the current season.

They will be able to view various information and sort the statistics table accordingly.

There are short and full data options for users to fetch out data according to their choice.

Problem in FPL

There are millions of private and H2H leagues organized all over the world.

The players organizing private leagues are often giving away several prizes and gifts to the top-performing players week in and week out.

We often find it difficult and tedious to determine the game week winner when there are many participants.

Imagine there are 5,000 players in your league.

You need to scroll down till the end to find out the winner without missing any one of them.

No one will ever want to do this task every week. 

The solution to your problem

We are also regularly playing FPL.

It has been more than 5 years since we first played FPL.

We experienced difficulties to find out the game week winner which had about 500-1000 players in our league.

The official website did not come up with a Gameweek winner for private and head-to-head leagues.

We had to scroll to the bottom (that too of multiple pages) to find out the winner.

It was time-consuming and you cannot miss any one of them.

So, in order to make our work easier, we created the idea of showing results according to the user choice and they will be able to sort data as per their need.

There are also a lot more options you can find out by using this site.

You can simply use the solution from our own FPL PLATFORM.


We implemented this idea on our website for ourselves and for our users.

Different FPL players will be able to use this service and enjoy finding out their own information in a short period of time rather than the time-consuming task that they need to do in the past.

Remember it is free of cost, no penny is required.

In addition to that, you also do not need to join this site using your FPL email and password.

Your personal information will be safe with you because you do not need to log in.

Feel free to trust us as you only need your team id to access the information. 

How to use it?

  • Go to our FPL page https://www.blogssmart.com/fpl
  • Input your team id and press the submit button. If you are unknown about team id, you can view our blog page here to find your team id.
  • You can view every league that you have joined after submitting your id.
  • Click on short or full details to view details about the league.
  • Then you can see a detailed view of the league as well as you can sort the columns as per your requirements.